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Compassion Christian Center

1030 4th St.  201 South Hayes

Bakersfield CA.

Phone: (661) 325-4407

Fax: (661) 325-5231

Hours: M - F (8am - 5pm)

Agapeland Christian Academy

Phone: (661) 325-4321

Hours: M - F (8am - 5pm)

Church Service Times

Prayer: Monday - Friday 5 am & 12 Noon

Morning Celebration: Sundays at 9:30 AM

Faith, Love & Action Service: Wednesday’s at 7 PM

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Pastor Martha L. Johnson is the Senior Pastor of Compassion Christian Center, in Bakersfield, California. As the wife of the late Pastor Ted M. Johnson, Pastor Martha took the helm of the ministry in 1995.

Pastor Johnson was born in the State of Oklahoma, one of ten children. She received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and has a lifetime teaching credential. She taught for 32 years in the Bakersfield City School District. She is the proud mother of three children.

Pastor Johnson has a big heart for the community! As a result, she is pursuing the God-given vision for a Compassion Square, a mecca of enterprise, entertainment, and empowerment.

Pastor Johnson is an anointed woman of God, with a special anointing in the areas of healing and teaching. Under her leadership, Compassion is thriving.

Assistant Pastor Roland B. Banks Executive Director, Spiritual Operations Michelle Johnson Executive Director (Music/Media) Opal Hooks Executive Director, Fiscal Operations Terra Johnson Executive Director of ACA Administrator Marisa Banks Executive Director Relational Operations Henry Hollis Executive Director, Physical Operations view full profile view full profile view full profile view full profile view full profile view full profile

Pastor Martha Johnson

Pastor of Compassion Christian Center

CEO of Agapeland Christian Academy

CEO of Ted M. Johnson Empowerment Square Community Development Corporation